The Center for Translational Cancer Research

CTCR Core Facility

The Center for Translational Cancer Research Core Facility is a multi-user facility, with equipment located in Wolf Hall and the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center. Available equipment include an ABI 7000 and 7300 Prism real-time PCR, IVIS Lumina System imager, and BD FACSCalibur, FACSAria II flow cytometers (located at Graham cancer Center) and Accuri C6 cytometer as well an AlphaImager gel documentation system and FluorchemQ chemi-Imager. The facility also has two plate readers that allow for measuring luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance and several equipment for sample preparation: microcentrifuges, scales, ph meter, spectrophotometer etc.  Tissue culture facilities are also available for use. Facilities are available to university researchers, their collaborators and industry on a fee-for-service basis. Training or fullservice support are available to researchers, questions can be sent to Appointments for equipment use can be scheduled via the CTCR Core Facility online web calender at

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