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Scheduling & Training


New researchers to the CTCR Core Facility benefit from having a tour, allowing them to meet the staff and see the technologies available. To organize a tour of the center or a meeting to discuss research plans, please email one of the staff at least one week in advance.

New Users & Training

All users who wish to use the CTCR Core Facility must first read the center Rates and Fees page and the Equipment Usage Policy. These pages explain policy on the use of the CTCR Core Facility, as well as how to cancel and edit appointments. It is important that this is read before continuing. Once this is completed you will need to register with the CTCR Core Facility to web calendar prior to scheduling appointments.  Requests for all training appointments must be made 7 - 10 working days in advance and notice must be sent to the Core Facility Contact via email to any arrange training times.  Please see the Expertise page to locate the appropriate Core Contact for your training request.

 A guide for new web-calendar users. (PDF)

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Current Registered Users

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Hours of Operation

New users will be trained on equipment between 9am and 5pm only, when staff are available to assist. To work outside these hours, access to the CTCR Core Facility will be provided once the user has become an unsupervised user on the selected equipment. Equipment can often get booked well in advance, so prevent disappointment please try and contact staff members at least a week to ten days before you plan on needing help. Also if you notice any problems with the equipment, please let a member of staff know, so the problem can be resolved as quickly as possible.


Billing for University of Delaware facility, staff & students

Once you have successfully registered, you will need to obtain a university billing code a.k.a. "Purpose Code" to schedule all appointments that you make via the Web Calendar. (Example: CTCR123456 - 1st four letters designate your department, followed by 6 numbers) You can get this information from your PI or your account administrator. It is your responsibility to obtain this information and also bring with you to all appointments, as you will need it to gain access to each equipment piece. Note: The CTCR Core Facility staff is not responsible for obtaining your "Purpose Code".


Billing for External & Industrial Clients

Once you have successfully registered you will need a PO# to schedule all appointments that you make via the Web Calendar.


Core Access Awards

There are also opportunities to locate funding via Core Access Awards through the Delaware EPSCoR and INBRE programs.  These awards can assist researchers in scientific projects with small funding amounts alloted to specific times and instruments within Core Facilities.


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