The Center for Translational Cancer Research

Lynn M. Opdenaker, Ph.D.

CTCR HFGCC Core Contact, Lab Manager

Christiana Care Hospital
Helen F. Graham Cancer Center
Graham Center West
4701 Ogletown Stanton Road
Suite 4300
Newark, DE 19713

Phone Number: 
(302) 623-4653

Ph.D., University of Delaware, 2009
B.S., Ursinus College, 2002


Expertise Areas: FACSAriaII flow cytometer for cell analysis and cell sorting, supporting research applications from clinical to environmental. Contact Dr. Opdenaker for other support services available at the CTCR Helen F. Graham Center here.


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Sloofman LG, Verdelis K, Spevak L, Zayzafoon M, Yamauchi M, Opdenaker LM, Farach-Carson MC, Boskey, AL, Kirn-Safran CB.  2010.  Effect of the HIP/ribosomal protein L29 deficiency on mineral properties of murine bones and teeth. Bone. 47:93-101.  

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