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Listing of Participating Colleges

Participating Colleges in Environmental Science and Environmental Studies

Given the highly interdisciplinary nature of environmental science and studies, our undergraduate programs in Environmental Science (B.S.) and Environmental Studies (B.A.) span four Colleges within the University of Delaware. The following four colleges participate in the programs: College of Earth, Ocean and Environment, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of Art and Sciences, and College of Engineering.

We believe that the participation of faculty across four Colleges create relevant, timely, and diverse environmental programs that help prepare you to address some of the environmental problems facing the world in the new millennia. Our environmental programs are unique in that they take advantage of the large and interdisciplinary course offerings and research opportunities of a medium sized university within the context of smaller, student-centered programs. In other words, the University of Delaware presents a wide array of course offerings and cutting-edge research opportunities with world class faculty without having to choose between a smaller college or larger university that emphasizes either teaching or research.