Environmental Science - Sample Schedule

Example Schedule for Environmental Sciences

Please bear in mind that the following is merely a sample schedule. Many students have AP credits, foreign language credits, or transfer credits that would alter the sample schedule. Other contingencies that would likely alter the sample schedule include: enrollment in a study abroad program, winter session course(s), summer session course(s), and additional directed research credits. Thus, it is key that you meet with your academic advisor prior to selecting courses each semester to ensure that you are progressing through the program satisfactorily.

Please note that the sample schedule represents one of many paths through the program. The total number of credits may not be exact as the number of credits for concentration courses and directed research courses are variable.


First Year Fall
ENGL 110: Critical Reading and Writing 3
ENSC 101: Introduction to the Environment (also FYE) 3
MATH 241: Analytical Geometry and Calculus A 4
CHEM 103: General Chemistry I 4
Breadth requirement [Group A, B, or C] 3
Total credits: 17


First Year Spring
MATH 242: Analytical Geometry and Calculus B 4
CHEM 104: General Chemistry II 4
Language 105 level 4
GEOG 220: Meteorology 3
Total Credits [running total]: 15 [32]


Second Year Fall
BISC 207: Introductory Biology I 4
GEOL 107: General Geology 4
Language 106 level 4
GEOG 271: Introduction to Geographic Data Analysis 4
Total Credits [running total]: 16 [48]


Second Year Spring
BISC 208: Introductory Biology II 4
Language 107 level 4
FREC 100: Sustainable Development 3
PHYS 201 or PHYS 207: Introductory Physics or Fundamental Physics 4
Total Credits [running total]: 15 [63]


Third Year Fall
ENWC 201: Wildlife Conservation and Ecology 3
MAST 482: Introduction to Ocean Science 3
POSC 350: Politics and the Environment 3
Directed Research/Independent study/Field experience /DLE 3
Multicultural course/breadth requirement 3
Total Credits [running total]: 15 [78]


Third Year Spring
Breadth requirement 3
Breadth requirement 3
Concentration course 3
Concentration course 4
GEOG 412: Physical Climatology 4
Total Credits [running total]: 17 [95]


Fourth Year Fall
Concentration course 3
Concentration course 4
Breadth requirement 3
Elective 3
Elective/Directed Research 3
Total Credits [running total]: 16 [111]


Fourth Year Spring
ENSC 450: Proseminar: The Environment [second writing requirement] 3
Concentration course 4
Concentration course 3
Breadth requirement 3
Elective/Directed Research 3
Total Credits [running total]: 16 [127]

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