Important Information on the Environmental Science Field Experience

Field Experience in the Environmental Sciences

The field experience may be fulfilled by taking a preapproved course (see listing below), enrolling in a Directed Research independent study course with a faculty advisor, or by completing an internship. Please note that a Directed Research course or internship must be approved by the Director of Environmental Science and Environmental Studies in order to count as a field experience. An environmental science field experience course, directed research, or internship necessarily involves data collection, data analysis, and scientific writing.

Preapproved field experience courses (please note that you cannot count any of these courses as both a concentration course & a field experience course)

  • BISC 312: Field Ecology
  • ENSC 425: Environmental Field Methods
  • ENWC 408: Insect Field Taxonomy
  • ENWC 415: Wildlife Research Techniques
  • ENWC 444: Conservation of Tropical Diversity
  • GEOG 451: Microclimatology
  • GEOL 306: The Earth’s Lithosphere II: Field Geology
  • MAST 421/621: Coastal Field Biology
  • MAST 464: Marine Summer Science Internship
  • MAST 468: Undergraduate Research

Internship Opportunities

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