Potential Career Opportunities for Program Graduates

Environmental science majors

Potential career opportunities include:

  • environmental consulting
  • environmental monitoring
  • environmental impact assessment
  • environmental remediation
  • environmental education

Environmental studies majors

Potential career opportunities include:

  • environmental compliance
  • environmental advocacy
  • environmental land use planning
  • environmental law (when followed by law school)
  • environmental education

A few resource links to get you started and better acquainted with the many options available in environmental science and environmental studies:

American Geological Institute (environmental science career resources)

Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences

US Department of Labor and Statistics

Going “Green:” Environmental jobs for scientists and engineers

Ecojobs (resource for broad range of employment opportunities in environmental science and studies)

US Environmental Protection Agency

Pursuing Graduate School in the Environmental Field

The number of graduate school opportunities is large and vary greatly as a function of your major and concentration, intended career path, and personal preferences. Thus, it is not possible to provide specific advice here. Suffice it to say, program graduates have pursued further study at a wide range of schools across the country, including the University of Maryland, University of California at Santa Barbara, and Brown University. Applying to graduate school is a complex process that requires a comprehensive understanding of specialty subfields within disciplines. As such, students seek the advice of their academic advisors in applying to graduate school. Such advice is generally sought during the junior and senior years within the undergraduate programs.

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Program Requirements for BS in Environmental Science
Program Requirements for BA in Environmental Studies

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