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Environmental Science and Environmental Studies at UD

Prospective Students for Degrees in Environmental Science and Environmental Studies

A better understanding of our natural environment and its conservation is paramount to the achievement of sustainability. There are a number of complex environmental degradation issues facing society and a specially trained workforce is necessary to solve them. At the University of Delaware, our baccalaureate programs in Environmental Science and Environmental Studies have been specifically designed to equip you with the knowledge to analyze and help solve some of these serious environmental concerns. Our students learn both within and beyond the classroom (through a required field experience) to think critically and in a multi-dimensional context. Such training is key to better understanding environmental problems that are inherently polycausal and multi-faceted.

Now is the perfect time to come to the University of Delaware to study Environmental Science or Environmental Studies. Why? Recent reports from the US Department of Labor and Statistics, has shown that there is a strong demand for environmental scientists and specialists for the foreseeable future (19% growth rate has been forecasted between 2010-2020). Some of our students have gone on to some of the very best graduate schools in the nation, while others have acquired jobs in both government and the private sector. Thus, both options are open to you as a graduate from our environmental programs.

Our website is designed to help you make a wise choice for your potential career. We recognize that deciding on a particular school and environmental major is a serious and important process that ultimately represents a large investment in terms of both time and money. Our intent is to supply you with some of the necessary information in order to make a well-informed decision that is right for you. We have specific links for environmental science and environmental studies program requirements as well as some career resource links. Should any questions regarding our environmental programs remain after visiting our website, please utilize our contact form.

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