Cameroon Photo Gallery

When we first entered the communities of Bakang and Balatsit in Bamendjou, Cameroon, they were getting their drinking water from the “cow pond.”  They also washed their clothes, themselves, and their "motor bikes" in the same area!

The first step was to find sources of clean water.  We hired a local well driller and drilled three wells located throughout the communities.



We then built storage tanks to house the water from the borehole wells.  The pumps in the borehole wells are powered by solar panels.

We built a 20,000L reservoir located in the center of the well sites at the top of the hill in the community.

Lift stations are installed from the storage tanks at the borehole wells to the reservoir.  The wet well pumps water up the hill.

The wet well pumps water through this pipeline.

Throughout the process, a groups from each community (Bakang and Balatsit) formed water committees.  The water committees set up volunteers for installation of the system, collect dues for use and repair of the system.

Each time we travel to the communities, we love to spend time getting to know the people.