The goal of the Cameroon Water Distribution System project is to increase the quality, quantity, and access to clean drinking water for the villages of Bakang and Balatsit in Bamendjou, Cameroon. The system we are installing will supply the community with clean ground water for drinking. Using solar power, water is pumped from borehole wells, located at three sites in the community, to plastic storage tanks. From the storage tanks, water is pumped up a hill to a 20,000L reservoir. From the reservoir, a pipeline takes the water to 4 tap stands located throughout the community. When the project is finished, each member of the community will have access to 10L of clean drinking water per day with 7 access points throughout the villages.

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Our project in San Jose, Guatemala is to construct a bridge over a river located in the community. San Jose, located just off of a main highway, is divided by a river that floods during the rainy season, from May to September. While most villagers live on the side of the river closest to the highway, a few families reside on the opposite side, where they cannot safely cross the flooded river to reach the highway or the community’s school. Most of the community’s workable fields are also located on the sparsely populated side of the river. Thus, during the rainy season, the townspeople of San Jose are unable to reach their main source of income—their crops. By building this bridge, we will be linking the community year-round and facilitating a safer and easier farming process, thus stimulating the local economy and providing more food for the villagers.

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