The General Education Initiative (GEI) provides the foundation from which all students have the opportunity to develop to their full potential. Students, through participation in the First Year Experience, Discovery Learning Experiences, Capstones, and their academic coursework, will have the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge that will enable them to achieve the UD 10 Goals to Success. These goals are designed to prepare students for life in the technologically sophisticated, diverse, highly communicative and globally integrated world in which they will live and work; and to offer students the opportunity to expand their own horizons, areas of interest and intellectual development.

Questions about the First Year Experience (FYE) and Discovery Learning Experiences (DLE) should be directed to Professor Avron Abraham,, 302-831-8742.


General Education Goals to Success

  1. Attain effective skills in (a) oral and (b) written communication, (c) quantitative reasoning, and (d) the use of information technology.

  2. Learn to think critically to solve problems.

  3. Be able to work and learn both independently and collaboratively.

  4. Engage questions of ethics and recognize responsibilities to self, community, and society at large.

  5. Understand the diverse ways of thinking that underlie the search for knowledge in the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences.

  6. Develop the intellectual curiosity, confidence, and engagement that will lead to lifelong learning.

  7. Develop the ability to integrate academic knowledge with experiences that extend the boundaries of the classroom.

  8. Expand understanding and appreciation of human creativity and diverse forms of aesthetic and intellectual expression.

  9. Understand the foundations of United States society including the significance of its cultural diversity.

  10. Develop an international perspective in order to live and work effectively in an increasingly global society.